Continuous development and infrastructure modernization, increase in productivity and quality of production, and also high level of ecological safety and responsible social policy are priority tasks of Vernal Oil Kazakhstan LLP.

Modernization and development of production

In 2002 2004 it was made stage-by-stage construction of infrastructure of the oil refinery Vernal Oil Kazakhstan LLP.

In 2006 the refinery start-up, manufacturing 2 main types of oil products: oil blend composite stabilized for technological purposes and light hydro carbonic petrol fraction. At the same period the company increased the capacity of LPG storage, building of additional railways tracks, railway pour out/pour in platform for 20 tank-cars, new pumping equipment, large new boiler plant equipped with two steam boilers DE-10 DE-4 and also suitable premises for employees and administration.

In 2010 the setting up coming to an end as well as the installation of new bisectional unit type TPN40-100 with total production capacity of 1200mt per day.

At present project works are conducted on reconstruction of existing and construction of new technological objects that will allow to increase productivity of the plant and oil refining depth to achieve compliance of the produced products to the standards Euro-4 - "Euro-5".


The systems of industrial and ecological safety, labor protection are created and successfully function at the refinery.

There is a closed technological process of hydro carbonic raw materials. For prevention surface and underground waters pollution the refinery design provides trouble-free operation and excludes possibility of leaks into the environment. In the event of equipment failure for crude or oil-based product leaks emergency reservoirs are provided. The exhaust gases formed during normal equipment operation practically do not change the normal environmental concentration. All technological functions of the refinery are constantly being monitored.

In the field of industrial safety, labor protection and environment protection the enterprise is guided by requirements of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and norms of international law.

Social policy

Vernal Oil Kazakhstan is one of the largest enterprises in the area and the conscientious payer on tax and social contributions to the budget.

The current personnel number at the plant is about 220 employees, all employees pass compulsory education. Thereby the company makes the contribution to stability and region prosperity, creation of workplaces and the solution of an actual problem of outflow of young specialists. All requirements of the Labour code for compensation and other payments connected with work at night and holidays, and also with especially harmful, harmful and severe conditions of work are strictly fulfilled.

The enterprise plays an important role in public life of the region. The company renders financial support to the needy population, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and work, veterans of war in Afghanistan. Funds are annually allocated for carrying out repair work of heating systems and water supply systems of houses. Sponsor's support of festive and charitable actions of the town of Kandyagash was numerous given. Specialists of the company took part in saving actions at emergency situations.

Successful development of the enterprise is the result of policy which is carried out by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan by N.A.Nazarbayev in the sphere of economic development of regions, and also powerful support of administrations of Aktyubinsk area and Mugalzharsky area.